Terms & Conditions

1. The products are fully warranted against defective materials and manufacturing faults from the date of purchase or delivery whichever is earlier.

2. The warranty does not cover damages caused by:
a) Thunder, flood, cyclone or voltage fluctuation.
b) Resulting from accident, misuse or tampering.
c) Where the product has been damaged in transit.
d) Installation to the wrong local voltage.
e) Use other than in accordance to instructions/user manual.
f) Any alteration or modification to the equipment.
g) Where the damage/defect caused by household pests such as lizard, rat, cockroach, etc.
h) Where the damage/defect caused by chemical reaction, excessive heat, excessive dust corrosive surroundings, etc such as cement factory, seaside etc.
i) Unauthorized repairs.
j) Use of accessories or components that are not compatible with the product.

3. All exterior covers and consumable parts are not covered under the warranty.

4. Door lock does not cover the warranty for Refrigerator/ Freezer / Microwave oven.

5. No warranty of Cabinet, Battery, Power Cord and DVD Laser (for applicable products).

6. Under no condition must the serial number of the product be erased, defaced or altered by the dealer or customer; otherwise the warranty is rendered invalid.

7. Delivery arrangements, labor and transport (if any) will be charged to the customer’s repair bill and must be settled at the time of delivery after repair.

8. In the event of the original warranty card being lost, torn, mutilated, altered or tempered the company is not obliged to honor the warranty herein.

9. The terms of the warranty cannot be changed, modified or extended in any manner whatsoever by any person including the dealer or the purchaser.

Please produce warranty card and the purchase receipt copy at the time of repair / service.